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I hate hospitals.... why you ask... long story....
Yesterday looked like it was going to be a nice day. So I did laundry and hung it out to dry. Then it started to rain (at noon), so I went and brought it in. Along with the laundry a wasp decided to come in a visit. It was on my shirt and I didn't see it. Well, my 16 month old did and she grabed it. Yep, she got stung.

Boy did she let out a scream. Got her on the hand by her ring finger. Her hand immideatly went red, and started to swell! Well, lunch was forgotten and off to the hospital we rushed. Thankfully she didn't have a worse reaction. Swollen and red to the elbow. There's a good chance that she could be allergic.... (we'll likely have to go for testing). She cried for a good hour. Wouldn't let us touch her hand at all... not even to ice it, which likely would have made her feel better. 2 hours later the intake nurse came to check on us (still sitting in emerge waiting room), and couldn't believe that we hadden't even gotten the tempra yet. She went and got some... 2 hours later we saw the doctor and got to go home.... so we've got to watch her for the next week, to make sure she's fine....

Not havin' a good week.....
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